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Thursday, January 05, 2012



Not to make any empty resolutions of delusions of grandeur
Like losing 20 lbs. or not being a man-whore
Because everything that I could ever dream to be
Would be unattainable or unrealistic babble…
Just to end up coming up short
To watch the crows and vultures gather
To pick at the carcasses left scattered
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Of things that don’t even matter…
Yeah, it would be cool to get some fresh new clothes
But my skin is the issue and it’s getting old –
It’s not the complexion that’s the problem
But it covers up my intentions –
A heart full of apathy, neglect, impenitence and impotence
If I want to see real change in my current situation
I don’t need a new scene or diet
I need propitiation...

Vegan, egalitarian, legalistic behavior modifications
Won’t bring me lasting peace; just new sensations
Pragmatic emotions to feel as though I’m getting something accomplished
While I’m locked in the wardrobe waiting for Aslan
Eating Turkish Delight instead of the King’s meat
Because “man can’t live on bread alone”
(And this stuff is so sweet)
And there I go…
Trying’ to get back to old days via new ways
Like a has-been actor who thinks he’s still got the chops
But I’m just a hack character
Waiting to break out and my performance needs enhancement
But I’m already broken, so a new role ain’t the answer

I’ll do my best work when I’m just a feature
And my features improve drastically
When I’m not the star of this picture
Attributes augmented by the perfect performance
Of the Lead Role Majestic
Whose method is conformity
My independent work showed me
For what I was to the people
But it never portrayed the truth about problems that haunt me
Or how to defeat evil –
So I played myself to the bone
As a notorious scene-stealer
But it couldn’t pay the bills and never guaranteed a sequel…

I’m done with low-budget “the grittier, the better”
This may be the Year of the Dragon
But the Script says there’s gonna be rain in the weather
So I’m giving’ up on my best life now until Eden’s made right
And the only way to becoming a better man
Is by living out life as the Bride…

True resolve found in the love of Another
 Say hello to the married life.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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