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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yellow Brick Rd.

It’s the end of an era -
A world gripped by terror
Got people trippin’ over love
‘Cause we fell in love with a felon
Ponzi schemes are sellin’
But the gold rush is failin’
We’ve been blinded by the lust
And the symptoms are very tellin’

Green eyes and a coal-black heart
Lead to paper thin motives
And a conscience that’s brutally scarred
Marred up and parked out in the driveway
With a six cylinder engine
That gets great mileage on the highway

The tin man is down
Long live the scarecrow
And Dorothy’s been on the pole
Ever since she got a taste of the rainbow
A case of mistaken identity
Got the lion all twisted
Thought he was the king of the jungle
But he was only there for a visit

Whether it’s twenty-one grams
Or twenty-one karats
Souls sell for cheap
When we raise the stock in our malice
For the slippers, or the crown
Or a heart that’s bought and sold…

All of life is vanity on the yellow brick road.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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