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Monday, July 09, 2007

Systematic Mormonism: Orgins of Scripture and Revelation (Prolegomena)

“It's a lot more common now for someone to know a Mormon rather than just know of Mormons out in Utah, ... We seem more normal. We're not as exotic.” - Brigham Young

Mormonism (Church of Latter Day Saints - LDS) has gained much attention lately due to certain current events--both positively and negatively. Most recently, it has grabbed much of the media spotlight thanks to the popularity of Republican presidential candidate hopeful, Mitt Romney, the capture of FBI's most wanted, Warren Jeffs, and also the success of the HBO series, Big Love. However, much of Mormonism remains a mystery to the general public. Most know some basic generalities:

-They claim to fall under the umbrella of the Christian faith.
-The founder was a man by the name of Joseph Smith.
-Some may also known of some of their flagship institutions (Brigham Young University, etc.)

But still, very little is known of the particulars of the Mormon Faith. After all, most who are apart of the faith are not very forthcoming when speaking of the origins and heritage of Mormonism and its founder(s).

Recently, the people over at Mormon Research Ministry (http://www.mrm.org/) have released a video series entitled, Search For the Truth: Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith. It serves as a comprehensive look behind the scenes of the LDS church and as a warm-hearted refutation of the doctrines held by Mormonism as it deviates from the truth of the scripture.

I have taken clips from this series and placed them into systematic theological categories to show that these differences are not just mere trivial matters; this is to show that in every way this religion that calls itself "Christian" contradicts and denies the Bible at every given opportunity. So we'll start with the Prolegomena (study of first things) of Mormonism-- The origin of revelation and their "sacred writings" as well as how this effects their interpretation of the Word of God (the Holy Bible).


Origin of Mormonism (Joseph Smith's First Vision)

Joseph Smith's Translation/Revelation Method

More on Smith's Prophecies and Revelations

If you have difficulty viewing clip on this page, click here:

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