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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bless the Mother of Jesus, but Mainly Be the Mother of Jesus: John Piper on the Veneration of Mary

This is from today's Desiring God post :

The veneration given to Mary in the Roman Catholic church is beyond what is warranted by the New Testament. In fact, it is astonishing how little we see of Mary in the New Testament. Let us honor her unique motherhood. Let us count her blessed as the mother of our incarnate Lord. But let us not put her on a pedestal that neither she nor Jesus would have approved of.

After she turns up with the disciples praying in the upper room in Acts 1:14, she is never mentioned again in the New Testament. This is astonishing to anyone who thinks that the veneration of Mary was an essential part of early church life. It was not important enough to be mentioned in any of the New Testament books after Acts...

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M.A.C. said...


I hope you don't mind answering a couple of questions I am asking all believers everywhere;

Do you believe that God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to start a new religion called Christianity?

And if yes. Where is the text in the bible that supports the popular Christian belief that God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to start a new religion called Christianity?

Shon said...

Good question! And thanks for dropping by...

I don't believe that God sent Jesus to establish a "new religion" at all. The term Christian doesn't even show up until later in the NT (Acts 11:26). Even then, it was more than likely given to the disciples of Christ by outsiders, not as a name that they chose for themselves (also, a derogatory term, cf. 1 Pet. 4:16).

Jesus was sent to reconcile us to God; This is the objective of the person and work of Jesus Christ. He was sent to show us the only way for us to be at peace with a holy, infinite, righteous God, before whom we stand guilty. He offered up the sacrafice to appease the wrath of God, thereby justifying those whom God calls to himself through faith in his son (John 3:16; 6:37,44). So, what Jesus in fact establishes is not some new sect or religion, but salvation (Acts 4:12, Rom. 5:1-2). The Great Commission of our Lord does tell us to go and make disciples, but this doesn't even qualify as founding a new religion, it actuality it strips religion down; not to a point that it has no structure - but to a point that it is not the end in itself. The end is worship and peace with God. And this is what we are to share with the world about Jesus (Rom. 10:13).

I know that's a long answer to a short question, but I just think that confusion on this issue can be fatal...

A major reason why so many things under the umbrella of "Christianity" often times aren't very Christ-like.

Awesome question. Thanks again.

M.A.C. said...

Hi Shon,

Good answer I am doing a project called "Bad Christian" and need the help of believers everywhere to get involved. Interested?

Click on my name and visit the Christian Church Blog... to find out more.

Anonymous said...

so amazing!!! this is exactly the kind of stuff i am looking for :)thanks for this

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