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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Truly the hills are a delusion, the orgies on the mountains. Truly in the LORD our God is the salvation of Israel.
 - (Jeremiah 3:23 ESV)

 We’re a nation in search of salvation…
We all wanna be saved from somethin’
Some wanna be saved from guns and violence
Others, from the silence…
The absence of a voice that let’s them know
That there’s someone there… 

Hello...Does anybody care?
Okay. Cool…didn’t think so.
Then I’ll just keep lookin’
Puttin’ my hope
In anything but hope
‘Cause why buy into the lies
When I can buy dope?
It’s the only thing I know
That’ll never let me down
Get it?! That was a joke…
But seriously, who’s with me?

There’s a lot that I need to be saved from
And I know I’m not the only one
I could exorcise my demons and my waistline
And still be no closer to fine
My problem is divine
And I’m on a shifty diet
So, no matter how hard I work
The most I’ll get out of this is to die tryin’
Lyin’ to myself through all the infomercial banter…

Where do you go for the answers
When your pockets produce envy
But your body’s full of cancer?
Or your mom starts trippin’
Because your pops let out
And greenbacks got weak shoulders
So now you’re strapped for clout
Trapped on the track now
‘Cause your cheese won’t stick
Givin’ your body for bread
‘Cause you heard him say that “Love don’t fit”
It leaves you all kinds of pissed
When you can’t find your muse
‘Cause you ain’t really livin’
Until you’ve got nothin’ to lose

Come to grips with the facts:
This life ain’t yours – you don’t own it
And if you had any cards left to play
Well, your hand just folded
Creator trumps creation
That’s that biblical math
And hearts made of stone
Get turned into gravel
So you can go ahead and get mad

But know this…
There’s no anger that burns hotter than His
So if you’re buckin’, there’s no discussion
You’re just a goner – So what then?

Love God, hate sin
That’s the only solution
To get you dyin’ to live
Instead of livin’ the illusion
That all that flossin’ and big bossin’
Is gonna get you respect
The bill is too high, homie
And we’re forever in debt
Unless we accept it
And embrace the amazing grace of His son
Who was crushed to save us
Because He and the Father are one
It’s done! He’s won!

So go run and tell ‘em
That the block’s been secured
There’s no need for the sellin’
 And if they post up hard
Reachin’ for glocks and berettas
I’ll reach a finger to the sky
And spray ‘em with somethin’ better…
UN-Dead ‘em.

Soli Deo Gloria,


Unknown said...

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Johnny said...

Very nice post. Postman's words above are very profound given that today is the day the new IPAD came out. The latest and greatest tech grab that people waited in lines for hours to be the first to get. Great job.

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