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Monday, May 21, 2012

East of Eden

3734860384_695887f381"But let us now, as in bad plight, devise
What best may for the present serve to hide
The Parts of each from other, that seem most
To shame obnoxious, and unseemliest seen,
Some Trees whose broad smooth Leaves together sew'd,
And girded on our loins, may cover round
Those middle parts, that this newcomer, Shame,
There sit not, and reproach us as unclean".

So counsell'd hee, and both together went
Into the thickest Wood, there soon they chose
The Figtree....

John Milton, Paradise Lost (1667), Book IX, lines 1091-1101.

Unknown –
Living bad to the bone
Thinking like a three year old child
Even though my body’s fully grown
Traded the very best 
For an absolute mess
Now the stress is gonna to kill me
While I’m breaking a sweat
Wet from the waist down
Because I’ve pissed away my future
Wife was dead wrong 
And the serpent’s a bad tutor 
Passed over the fruit of the vine
For knowledge not mine
Only to whine about the outcome
Because I fell for the lie
Hook, line and sinker
This shattered image is tanking my demeanor
Until a Fisher of men stepped in
And played the role of Redeemer
My disease was my disease –
Couldn’t see the garden for the tree
So I went from naked and unashamed
To using the foliage to cover me
Until it begins to wither away
In the heat of the day
And the ground is spitting up seeds
Because it’s starting to betray me
Reminds me of where I come from
And where I’ll be going 
We’re all keepers of a dirty little secret
With nothing to show for it
No “S” on my chest or bulletproof vest
Is going to stop the fate of a defective heart
And a mind covered in darkness
Living east of Eden for committing high treason
Forgetting all the while 
That we never had a good enough reason
To leave it all to chance
And face the coin toss 
To see who’d get to be the boss
In the land of the lost
Found by the Good Shepherd 
Because he paid the cost
To bring us into the fold
Never again to be tossed
Laid it all on the table
No Cain because he’s able
He truly is his brother’s keeper
And his hand is stable
The one true Prodigal
Who makes life eternal possible
By justification through his blood
For completely unworthy hostiles

 (Genesis 3)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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