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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zeros & Ones

Eventually, it all comes down to zeros and ones
Whether it’s the sum of your bank account
Or the last day to come
Credited with a federal deficit
From an act of confederate arrogance
Lord, grant leniency for our inconvenience
Because the ledger won’t ever find a balance

No power to the people –
Dying on empty bellies and wallets
But the no. 1 killer of the nations
Is that they perish for a lack of knowledge
Deprived and depraved
Because I don’t give a damn
About the rising poverty level
And the notion of goodness is a sham

The more zeros I need in my bank
To put one gallon in my tank
My daily bread goes missing
And so does my thanks
They say the love of money
Is the root of all kinds of evil
And these churches love stacking dough
To keep raising up steeples

Bake it but don’t break it
Pressed down and shaken, but not stirring
The collective conscience of the people
To feed the needy and to serve them
Salvation’s army shouldn’t ever come to harm me
Whatever happened to the Great Commission
Or showing faith, hope and charity?
Hilarious giving is no laughing matter
When you serve the Suffering Servant
It’s not an option – Follow after Him

To be born as an orphan
Doesn’t turn you into a bastard
To get the message crossed up
Leads to evangelical disaster
The first will be last
And the last will be first
The first death leaves you breathing
But the second lays down the worst
So stop selling headstones
And returning people to slavery
Strive to share the truth in love
With the utmost transparency

Christ bares the scars
As a reminder of the cost
So that we can openly display our weakness
To show the glory of the cross
A not-to-do list is always sealed with a hiss
And wreaks of self-righteous piety
That deserves to be dismissed
Spiritual amnesia
Leads to legalistic procedures
That spit in the face of grace
And gets it backwards for unbelievers

Because you can not have “gay sex”
And still be a wreck
You can not put lips to liquor
And still be a mess
Behavior modifications
Don’t necessarily mean you have the Savior
It just makes your public appearance acceptable
But leaves your private life unsavory

No, the task of salvation
Isn’t to make you a better person
Or for you to appear perfect and blameless
To a world that’s starving and hurting
We’re just the finger pointing at the moon
Which gives us light by reflecting the sun;
So in the end, it just goes back to the beginning
It all comes down to zeros and ones…

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