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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Feed the Animals

If you tell them that it’s an impossible notion
That we come from God’s spit
Don’t be surprised when you start feeding lines
About how we descended from monkeys
And people start going ape-shit
Seeking more mayhem than Miller
A bunch of highly evolved gorillas
That spent the last four years in University
To become a more sophisticated killer

Tell me again why I should be elated
That the Simian is kin to me?
So what you’re saying is that Planet of the Apes wasn’t a movie…
It was actually a documentary
What a relief – I was starting to get perturbed
Because some Uber-geek says we’ll be cyborgs before 2043
But he’s a genius…and I’m disturbed?! I’m obsurd?!

It’s like Hannibal Lecter
Stepped down from a lectern
And started leading lambs to slaughter
Without even so much as a head turned
“Man can’t live on bread alone
Because it’s in his nature to be a cannibal.”
Ladies and gentleman:
Cesar has just left the zoo
So please resist the urge -

(cf. Genesis 2:7; John 9:6)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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