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Wednesday, October 03, 2012



What I’m about to endeavor

Could potentially be bad for my health…

But man, it‘s like,  "whatever"

Just chalk it up to me

Carving out a niche for myself -

My life's been pulled off of the shelf

And know that

Once my feet start moving forward

There will be no swaying

To the right or to the left

I’m a hard charging moving target

Getting up close and personal

Like a mastodon coming at you

With adamantium in his vertebras

The Truth is closer than it appears

And the mirror exposes fears

So I smashed out the rear view

And haven’t looked back in years

Told my peers not to mourn

The old way is gone and forgotten

The Sun has risen over a brand new day

Now it’ll take a lot more than Hell to stop me...


(cf. Matthew 11:12, 16:18; Acts 5:33-42)


Soli Deo Gloria,



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