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Monday, December 24, 2012

As Far As the Curse Is Found

Eternity shut in a span
God becomes a man
And introduces Himself
In the form of a child
To execute His wondrous plan;
Redemption so close at hand
That you could literally touch it
And He too would touch us...
As far as the curse is found
He would detoxify the dust

With the government on his shoulders
And boulders of debt around our necks
He traded His glory for a yoke
And descended willingly into death;
Born into scorn
Living to die
To show that the Strongman
Just ain't strong enough
And to snatch us from the fire
The light shines through the darkness
And the darkness can't overcome it
So, when the shepherds heard the good news
You know they had to come runnin'
To behold the One foretold
The Axis of the world
With a love so bold
That He'd come as the Prodigal Son
To bring wayward siblings back home

He who knew no sin
Was born so that we
Could be born again -
Immanuel has come!
Peace on earth
And goodwill towards men

(Luke 2:8-14)

Merry Christmas,

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