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Monday, August 26, 2013

Eight Laid Down

Eight laid down -
I'm waiting for that trumpet blast to sound
A resounding statement
Of Kingdom Come in the flesh
A silencing of the violence
And the long awaited death of Death
We anticipate with bated breath
And endure the hardships and tribulations
Without the slightest hesitation
Because we know that the tears will be erased

No more of the notion
Of life as a holocaust in slow motion
We beat back the Devil's fiery arrows
By keeping our eyes on the sparrow
We stay on the straight and narrow
Whether in feast or fallow
Because as we have believed
We have eaten
Stomachs full of faith and repentance
So the sentence first handed down
Has been rescinded
Befriended by a God
Who switched out defendants
And put my rap sheet on His own blood
So that it wouldn't have to be a wrap for me

Once blind, but now I see
As I eagerly await to behold
The manifestation of his majesty and beauty
Then and only then will I be complete

What we know now in part
Will then be fully known...

Eight laid down -
Life in the presence of the Lamb
Who forever sits upon the throne

(cf. Psalm 23:6; 1 Corinthians 13:12; Revelation 20:6, 14)

Soli Deo Gloria,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Dollar dollar bills, y'all!
The cash reigns superior
As long as the check is in the mail
Other concerns become inferior
You won't catch me slippin'
Because I keep my knot stupid
Even if the world would end tomorrow
My money tree would stay rooted

"In God We Trust" on my trust fund
And if it can't be bought with a Black Card
Then I don't really want none
Heaven's gonna have to wait
'Cause I ain't done gettin' paid yet
I got bands to make her dance
And the forecast is callin' for a reign check

Mind the throne -
Where the king stands alone
Caked up like a bake sale
In my million dollar home
Bottle Service on my breath
A new Bugatti on the brain
If I don't have that whip by the morning
Then I'll probably go insane

Money over everything
Nothin' in my hands I bring
You want me clingin' to the cross
But I'd rather hang on to my green and leave
Who needs bread for today
When there's more than enough for tomorrow?
I'll be too busy rackin' chips
To worry about all the sorrow...

I'll be too busy stackin' paper
To notice my soul is hollow
The blimp told me
But failed to mention
That time is borrowed
When the credits roll on my escrow
And my page is finally turned
They'll write my legacy on my headstone:

( cf. Psalm 49:7, 8; Matthew 6:24; 16:26)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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