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Thursday, June 05, 2014


"When you tug at a single thing in the universe, you find it's attached to everything else." - John Muir

We de-vine from the Divine
In hopes to refine our process
And progress in the endeavor
To fashion a better Deity after ourselves

One of our own kind –
Snatched from the clutches of Providence
And placed firmly in the palm of modern science
Zion in a test tube;
The refuge for the so-called Transcendent Man
The more that we download
The harder it becomes to land

As we fan the flame of Prometheus
And cross our fingers
For the undoing of our weakness
Seeing this as the light
At the end of the tunnel of history
The dual core spark of genius
That replaces miracle and mystery alike
Now the truest religion
Can only be found
In the highest number of megabytes

The great heist of our humanity has begun
Hoist the flag of the Singularity
As our DNA breaks down to zeroes and ones
And the mechanized heart
Is seen as a thing of beauty
A work of art that consists of moving parts
In the chest of a duck-faced cutie

Conscience rusted out and worse for the wear
Tethered to an operating system
Of cold, blank stares
Such a lack of action
Long gone are the notions
Of compassion and love

"There is no nexus where there is no blood."
"There is no nexus where there is no blood."

(cf. John 1:1-4;15:5; 1 John 2:18-20,22)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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